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#18330327 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Truman Proctor

I have a site that I’m building that I’ve integrated the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin on, and I am wondering if you can assign images to main “attributes” or to “terms” inside of the attributes. See here:

http://screencast.com/t/o7RGD1pPQq I drew arrows next to the items I would like to add an image to (to represent the main attribute)

Is this possible? If so, where would I go to manage that?

Site is: http://development.glovernursery.com/

Page I’ve implemented the plugin on is: http://development.glovernursery.com/shop

Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

As you know, WordPress and WooCommerce don’t support image for the categories by default.

You can achieve this effect by using CSS rules.

The plugin generates CSS classes(different CSS class for each attribute,… item) and you can use them to add an image.

There are several ways to add an image to a CSS class. Background-image Property is one of them.


You may need to get help from a freelancer or a friend to be able to customize this.


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