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Truman Proctor

I have your plugin configured on a client site, and I have a question about configuring it in a particular way.

The client is a plant nursery and they have categories like “Plant Type”, “Light Needs”, “Flower Color” “Plant Size” etc. with criteria inside of each of those categories (plant type has Grass, groundcover, tree, shrub, perennial, rose, etc.  Light needs has full shade, full sun, partial sun, filtered sun, reflected heat, etc.)  What I’m wondering is if there’s a way to set up the filter configuration so that I can choose criteria from multiple categories without them collapsing. (like groundcover, full shade, etc.)  Is this possible?

The plugin is set up on http://development.glovernursery.com/shop/

Farhad Ahmadi


The plugin supports limiting filters for specific categories, attributes,…

1. Open the options page.

2. Create a new sidebar.

3. Limit it to a category (e.g. Light Needs).

4. Now there is a new sidebar in the widgets page.

5. Add some filters to the new sidebar.

6. The added filters will be only visible at Light Needs category

You can do these steps unlimited times and fully customize the filters for each category (or mulitple ones at same time)

More information can be found in the plugin documentation.


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