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Robert Barnes

Hi – I just purchased the tooltip but it doesn’t display bullets. My understanding was it would show any HTML.

You can see this at the following page


The following tooltips (visible through the ? icon) have bullet points but they are not displayed.

  • How the Super Funds Guide can help you compare super funds
  • About the fund profile pages
  • Basic search

Please can you confirm how this can be done.


Cheers, Rob

Robert Barnes

I’ve had to work-around this by doing it as straight text rather than bullets (eg using “* “). It looks ugly though so please let me know if there is a way to display the bullet points (ie. <li>) properly.


Cheers, Rob

Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

Most of the tooltip styles are inherited from the active WordPress theme, it’s possible that your theme styles hide bullets (or some other plugin styles).

You can override every styling details with using custom CSS codes, just add your custom CSS codes at the end of your active theme stylesheet file (or simply in the text tab of tooltip contents).

You can find more info about this CSS customization here. http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_list.asp

If you want to use just a character as bullet manually you can use this character ⚫ instead of *, but this is not a best practice. 


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