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#18330258 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Chris Suarez

Hello guys,

So i had tested this plugin with my template and worked fine, however after adding product attributes the products are not filtering. PLEASE HELP!


Any suggestions?

Please follow the link so you can test it yourself, it seems to load but then it wont filter any products.

Thanks for your help.

Farhad Ahmadi

There is something redirecting filtered results to the main category archive, open the following link and you will see, it redirects to the main category page.



Here is a screenshot of page redirects.

Make sure there is no conflict, deactivate all plugins one by one and check if the plugin has started working or not.

Change your theme to another default theme and check again.

I need to know which part is causing the problem to be able to help you.

Please let me know more info about the situation, so I can be able to help you fix it.


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