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#18330692 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Andy Jones

Hi there,

I have the product filter working acceptably on my dev site but I can’t see the filters on search results.

As far as I am aware I have not done anything to mess up standard WP/Woocommerce search results.

Debugging shows that is_search() is returning true when my search results are displayed but no filters in the sidebar.

Can you advise on how I can debug this please.

I will have a public staging site up later today which you can have a look at but if you can point me anywhere in your plug in where the decision is made to show the filter or not then I can try to debug myself.

Many thanks


Andy Jones

Ok. Think I figured it out. The search in my header was using the standard wordpress search and not a product search so the action url was not the correct one.

I changed it so the action url was “get_permalink( woocommerce_get_page_id( ‘shop’ ) )” and it displays results correctly.



Andy Jones


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