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#18330420 Closed AJAX AutoSuggest
Gwang-pyo Byun

Hi, Korean characters (UTF-8) are not executing the search results. To make it work, you have to type two more space-bars (or change to English) after the Korean characters, then the results will show. Everything’s on it’s default setting. Let me know if you need a dummy page (with some Korean text) for testing. Thanks!

Gwang-pyo Byun

Hi again, I am testing a little bit more.

  • Won’t work on Firefox, you have to type two more space-bars to start.
  • Works fine on my iPhone 6 (iOS 9), Safari (Mac) works fine too, no problem.
  • Chrome works fine, but to erase and re-type, I use (Command or) Ctrl+A and re-type, this doesn’t work, you have to Ctrl+A TWICE to select all…

FYI, Thanks!

Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

Add this code in the plugin options page > Custom JavaScript field.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

jQuery(“.ajax_autosuggest_input”).on(“keyup”, function(){ jQuery(this).trigger(“keydown”); })

It should make the plugin works on any language.

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