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#18330311 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Dan Tržil


I am trying the version without AJAX and it doesn’t work neither on my site neither on your demo. Could you help me with that?

I would also need to add filter on the homepage. Simply the filter and once I click filter to see the results. Is there a way to do that or does it work just on product list pages?

Lastly the AJAX filtering is very slow at the moment, I have just 10k products now and plan to import another 40k. I am afraid the filtering will be unbearably slow with 50k products. I reached out to my server support (WPengine) and their answer was: “There are over 11k queries running from your plugin, woocommerce-product-filter, there’s going to be an adverse effect on the performance of your site. We recommend that you check with the plugin developer to see if there’s a way to combine these queries into a much smaller number.”

Is there a way to achieve that?



Dan Tržil

for your referance, this is the website the plugin is installed http://screwsnbolts.wpengine.com/shop/

Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

The demo of the plugin for non-AJAX version is working as it should, test it here http://www.codenegar.com/woocommerce-ajax-product-filter/shop/?reload_entire_page=yes

clear browser cache for the page, because sometimes browsers can not load the page completely.

Please note that filters only appear at product’s archives (like Recent Products, Products Tags, Products Categories, Products Search, Product attributes,…) It’s for WordPress performance.

I understand your idea about having everywhere and showing filtered products at another page, just note that non-AJAX feature was added in the latest version of the plugin and your idea is based on it, we will work on it.

The plugin uses WordPress API to filter products, we use internal caching to get the best possible performance, but anyway you can use another level of caching using popular WordPress cache plugins.

The speed on filtering is related to the web server and Database engine, although we have used the best performance solutions, but we always try to improve the plugin and any suggestion is appreciated.

Can you ask WPengine for more specific information? Having fewer queries is a good tip but very general.

Try disabling some of the plugin features to get fewer queries (e.g. product count, caching,…)



Dan Tržil

The link you sent me for non-AJAX plugin doesnt work for me. The filter is still behaving dynamic way. There is also no button to submit the filter and get the results.

I am not sure what do you mean by: “just note that non-AJAX feature was added in the latest version of the plugin and your idea is based on it, we will work on it.”

The plugin was so slow that when I put a product’s archive on page where regular content was it broke the page by giving 502 error. What is the regular amount of products your plugin works fine?

I will try to disable product count and caching as you suggest to see if it helps. If not do you offer a refund?


Farhad Ahmadi

Please check for any JavaScript errors. There must be some issue in browser side. It’s possible the assets can’t be loaded properly.

Here is how to check for JavaScript errors. http://www.codenegar.com/knowledgebase/how-to-view-browser-console/

I mean we are adding new features to the plugin with every update and your ideas are welcome, non-AJAX feature was from one of our users.

The plugin has been built with best practices but depending on the size of your website you need server resources. It’s about WordPress and it’s API.


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