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#18330075 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Sash verma

Hi there, I have been trying to make this plugin work from last 2 days. However, I had no luck

I would appreciate if you could assist soon, I am using Visual Composer (Kleo Theme)

I added a product list component and a sidebar with the filter  using visual composer on my page

Please let me know what information is required?

Sash verma

1) Installed and activated the Plugin

I have a ‘portfolio’ custom post type in Kleo theme

Within each Portfolio page I am adding products Via Visual composer components. (Products List and a sidebar containing filters)
Can you provide me rough instructions on how I can set the filter up. Just by adding a widget to a product page it isn’t working. I read whole of the documentation and tried but still it isn’t working

Farhad Ahmadi


Note that filters only appear at products archives (like Recent Products, Products Tags, Products Categories, Products Search,…) It’s for WordPress performance.

How does your visual composer query products? Is it an archive page?

This plugin uses global WP_query to filter products. http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query

try using the plugin without the mentioned components. The problem should be the way Visual Composer queries WordPress.

We support WooCommerce themes even non-standard theme, your custom arranged layout which is done with a third party plugin doesn’t look like a WP_query.

Please ask the developer of your custom plugin about the structure of it, if they need more technical info I can provide it.


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