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#18330103 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Domas T


Last week I have purchased your product filter plugin, but it did not work.

I have been through whole docummentation, stopped all other plugins, reset my theme to generic one, but it still did not work. After contacting your support and openning a ticket I was adviced to do what I have already done and my ticket was closed.

This has happened TWICE already. I was told to click on “you can re-open it by clicking this link” but it absolutely does not work. Thats is why I am already starting ticket number 3

I have already spent over 2 days for trying to set it up and trying to get in touch with you.

I want to get back money that I have paid for what I did not get. I do not have any more resources to film you demo or anything else that you suggest that I have already tried.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Farhad Ahmadi


Sorry about ticket closing, our ticket system has auto-close feature.

I will remain this ticket open manually.

I have checked your previous tickets, but you didn’t mention any actual problem (just said Doesn’t work)

Can you please help me know about the problem you are facing with?

Please provide a live demo URL, it’s really helpful to find the issue.

We are here to help you and troubleshoot the problems, but at first we need to know what causes the problem, how can we regenerate the same scenario.

Thank you.

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