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#18330304 Closed AJAX AutoSuggest
Howard Iken

After installing the plugin and creating a new search instance my entire site goes down and gives me a 502 error. I can delete the search instance and the site comes back up. I see no compatibility error messages. I am using Visual Composer.

Farhad Ahmadi


The 5xx error is a server related issue, can you tell me more about your server software and any other important details or customization?

This could be about an .htacess file configurations.

Does the error occur all the time or just when you have typed a keyword and start searching?

Please let me know more info about the situation, e.g. What theme do you use? Make sure there is no conflict, deactivate all plugins one by one and check if the plugin has started working or not.

Change your theme to another default theme and check again. I need to know which part is causing the problem to be able to help you.

A live demo URL is really helpful.


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