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#18330360 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Viviane Lopes


After activating the plugin, my list of products disappeared and even if I select a filter it does nothing.

I want the filters in my categories page only but I want it to work only if someone selects a filter. f dont, the whole list of products should appear.

Thank you very much for your support.

p.s.: The plugins is inactive now, as my store can’t be without products.


Viviane Lopes

Hello, any news on that?

I reeeeaally need help!


Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

Sorry for late answer, please note that when you add a reply to a ticket it moves to the end of the support queue.

You mean you want to show filter just on some specific categories? Use the plugin Dynamic Sidebars feature, you can find more info about this in the plugin documentation.

I’ve checked your website and it looks like there is no problem about not showing products, I’ve changed the main page selector in the options page to fit with your shop (check the documentation for more info).

There is still a problem which is caused by a strange code from your theme and you need to ask about it from your theme developer.

In this file http://voaborboleta.com.br/wp-content/themes/voaborboleta/js/etheme.js

There is a code which makes the page reload after an AJAX call.

$(window).on("popstate", function(event) {

if (popstatePageloadFix.init()) return;




The plugin filters the prodcuts and loades them via AJAX but your theme reloads the page each time using the above code.

Ask your theme author, they must have a logical reason for this strange code, they are expert at their product and can fix unnecessary page reloads for you.



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