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#18330478 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Tolu Tech


I opened a ticket previously but I can’t re-open the ticket, so i just opened a new one.

My live demo website link to view the plugin is https://razioni.com/?product_cat=men

When a filter attribute is selected, the products with such attribute should be displayed but this isn’t the case,

When a filter attribute is selected, the products with such attribute won’t be filtered, but some of the filter attribute disappears. The url changes when an attribute is selected. Theme name is LoveFashion.


Farhad Ahmadi


What is the problem about adding a reply to the old thread? please let us know if you see any error or problem, our ticking system closes each thread after an agent reply and waits for new replies from the ticket creator.

We have described the exact issue in the plugin troubleshooting section:

  • URL changes but products list are not refreshed/ All products are show, filters don’t make a change

There are several methods to fix this, the easiest is to  change “Override Products Wrapper” options from the plugin options page.

Enter this value in the field: #contents

To find out more about this, check the documentation please.


Tolu Tech

Hi Farhad,

We have used the value and the plugin works, but when we select a filter, we don’t want other filter attributes to disappear, find attached images.

Image one, filter before selection.

Image two, other filter attributes disappear after selection.

We just want to a situation whereby if a customer picks a filter attribute, nothing disappears, just the products get filtered.



Farhad Ahmadi

The plugin filters are dynamic and each one is shown based on other applied filters.

For example when you select size = 42 it checks all the colors and finds out that the only colors which are available for the current conditions are black, so other colors will be hidden.

You can disable this feature by changing the plugin option:

Disable Count filters items or Hide empty items

To change the plugin options open WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Product Filter


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