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Lacost Ou-yang

Hello I have using your plugin , but there is a problem and question

1.I put it on my shop page sidebar , but It’s can’t show correct products , some times it’s only show one product , sometimes it show “all” products without filting and it out of page container

2.does it possible I put the filter widget on homepage , and redirect the result to shop page

the pages url is following:

home shop page

I have trying the step you guys telling me override products wrapper field, but it’s still can’t work

so I leave the login info for you to check these problem

thanks for help!

Please help me about these


Farhad Ahmadi


I have disabled cache feature from the plugin options page and looks like it works well.

I guess your theme has its own cache and these two cache can’t work at the same time.

Your shop is not located at your website homepage. Please note that filters only appear at product’s archives (like Recent Products, Products Tags, Products Categories, Products Search, Product attributes,…)

It’s for WordPress performance. But you can put filtered results link anywhere in your website and users will see filtered results by clicking on the links.

Please check and let me know if there is an issue.



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