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Truman Proctor

I submitted a request on your http://www.codenegar.com/support/freelance/  form last week asking about how much you would charge to do a custom implementation of your “Product Filter” plugin for the Plant Nursery website I’m building for a client.  The Dev site has been moved to Arvasolutions.com/demo/glovernursery, and the product filter is currently configured on Arvasolutions.com/demo/glovernursery/products in the right sidebar.

Currently, I’m only able to select criteria from one single parent category at a time. (i.e. can only select from “Plant Type” or “Light Needs” or “Flower Color” etc.), but not from all of those categories at once. My client would like to be able to (for example), select a “shrub” that is “deer resistant” with “white flowers”, etc.

How much would you charge to configure your Product Filter plugin to work in this manner? A previous suggestion that was provided which suggested we create custom sidebars and limit them to certain categories, but the problem with that is the plugin won’t distinguish between a parent category (i.e. Plant Type, Light Needs) and a category criteria (i.e. Tree, Shrub, Groundcover, Full Sun, Filtered Sun, Reflected heat, etc). So I don’t think that suggestion would work in the way my client wants.

Let me know. Our budget is $500 or less.

Thank you,

Truman Proctor

We appear to have resolved the issue. Thank you.

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