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#18330363 Closed WooCommerce Product Filter
Alvin Penaflor

Using the Product Filter By Attribute widget of Woocommerce AJAX Product Filter plugin. Is it possible to display the filter title inside the dropdown field instead of above it, and how can I go about doing that? Thanks for your help.

Alvin Penaflor

Any update or suggestion on this please. I’m working on a tight deadline. Thanks.

Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

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By default there not an option for that, but you can achieve this by writing custom JavaScript code.

Here is how:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
jQuery("#ctax_product_tag").prepend( new Option('Select an Item','title_option') );


First we add a new option to the dropdown and then choose it as the selected item and all these should happen after complete page load.

You need to repeat this action on every AJAX update using the plugin AJAX hook (because filters are reloaded to show new count number)

You can find more info about AJAX hooks in the plugin documentation.


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