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I already know about the admin back-end option to change filtering – at a global – all users level – by default don’t show out of stock items.  I don’t want that feature, that comes for free out of the box.

  1. I would like to filter stock by the number of stock available.

eg.  If I have 5 units or 10 units then only items with 5 or more units in stock should show.

That’s a nice slider or drop down.

2) A radio button on the user front-end (not admin back end) to filter in stock and out of stock items.

Farhad Ahmadi


Did you know that you can add reply to a closed ticket by clicking open ticket link at the end of each ticket?

The plugin has been built on top of WordPress and WooCommerce which means to change some of the plugin behaviour you need to change the WordPress / WooCommerce installation.

As I said the previous ticket, you can filter by the number of products using “Filter by Custom Meta” Widget and “_stock” meta name.



Hi Farhad

Change the WordPress / WooCommerce installation – what do you mean by that.

We have Piad Via PayPal

We have downloaded and Activated the Plugin

We have used the “Filter by Custom Meta” Widget and “_stock” meta name

It doesn’t actually work right now, do you have bugs?

Is there additional integration work?

Happy to work towards a fix, but if not happy to get a PayPal refund if a remedy cannot be found.

Farhad Ahmadi

As I mentioned before, WooCommerce doesn’t provide _stock meta by default, because all products are not limited in stock.

By default, all products are unlimited in stock and WooCommerce doesn’t provide _stock meta.

To get familiar with WooCommerce Inventory And Stock please check this Q&A. http://kb.oboxthemes.com/articles/woocommerce-how-to-manage-inventory-and-stock/

Let me know if still something in not clear.


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