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Anton Christensen

Dear support,


its a very nice plugin I have got me for my wordpress website.

Everything works except when I use for example a <div class> in the title text. The problem is, the tooltip cannot see the css for example margin left so the tooltip is only showen in the beginning of everything.

Please see attached screenshots.

Does the plugin not working when you use div class, div id, p class, image class and so on?

Best regards


Anton Christensen

Tried to attach again the same images

Anton Christensen

The last 2 images

Farhad Ahmadi


Thanks for contacting.

As you know some HTML elements can’t be wrappers. For example, you can’t have put a <div> element inside a <span> elements in some browsers.

The tooltip plugin generates HTML based on the tooltip contents and its options, it’s possible that the generated elements can’t be wrapped with your custom HTML and the browser moves the code outside of the wrappers.

To change the styling and other properties of tooltips you can use their generated CSS Class/ID.

The above image shows the generated tooltip CSS Class/ID for a test tooltip.

Use Browser Console to view the generated HTML.


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