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#18330452 Closed Content ToolTip
Helen Dowthwaite

Hi, I have installed content tool-tip and followed the documentation, but nothing happens. I want the image in the blue bar at the very top of my site (right hand side) to show content on click.

Please can you help asap.

I want to 4 images next to each other which will have different content on click.


Farhad Ahmadi


You mean tooltip panel is not showing for you?

Do you see any error during plugin installation/activation?

Please let me know more info about the situation, e.g. What theme and plugins do you use?

Make sure there is no conflict, deactivate all plugins one by one and check if the plugin has started working or not.

Change your theme to another default theme and check again. I need to know which part is causing the problem to be able to help you.



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